We continue our quest on the offloading topic (Part VII/A) and investigate the packet processing performance with pktgen.


For the measurements, I prepare the machines to materialize the architecture depicted below.

Architecture used in this measurement study

The setup is more or less the same we had previously. The Host on the left-hand side (let’s call…

In this episode, we will install the latest Bluefield OS on the Bluefield-2 DPU from scratch. As a result, we will be given a fresh system with DPDK and DOCA pre-installed.

We will install BlueOS from scratch on the Bluefield-2 SmartNIC


In the last episode, Part IV., I had some trouble accessing the Bluefield after firing up my ultimate Cloudlab…

In this tutorial, we go through all necessary steps to configure and fire up an experiment with two Bluefield-2 SmartNICs connected back to back atthe Cloudlab facility at the University of Clemson.

Ultimate Cloudlab Setup for NVIDIA / Mellanox Bluefield-2 Experiments

Bluefield-2 Lan Setup at Cloudlab.


While this part is a sequel of my series with the same title as “NVIDIA Mellanox Bluefield-2 SmartNIC…

After firing up an experiment in Cloudlab and getting our hands dirty with Bluefield-2, we continue our journey by elaborating on the different modes of operation and install DPDK on the Bluefield-2.

We will install and configure the latest DPDK on Bluefield-2 DPU

In Part I., we have installed all necessary drivers on r7525 machines at the Clemson facility of Cloudlabs…

I have gotten my hands dirty with NVIDIA Bluefield-2 SmartNIC deployed at Cloudlab’s facility @ Clemson. If you ever wondered to buy a Bluefield SmartNIC, now I can show you how to test them and get your first impressions for free.

NVIDIA Bluefield-2 DPU

What is Mellanox Bluefield-2

For some time ago, the networking industry is going…


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